Environmentally Conscious Builds

Using a Kingspan TEK™ structure can improve the eco-credentials of your project. As well a superior thermal performance during use, the process of manufacture and building has less impact and is more sustainable than many traditional methods.

  • Excellent environmental impact and responsible sourcing credentials. Kingspan TEK™ panels are environmentally friendly, offering BRE Material Green Guide A+
  • The Polyurethane inner core to panels does not deteriorate or breakdown and has excellent insulation values with continuous insulation and few thermal bridges. SIPS insulation stays firmly in place, meaning it will not sag or physically deteriorate over time
  • Timber elements all from managed forests
  • The OSB board and polyurethane core can be recycled – all factory offcuts are re-used where possible and the remainder is converted to fuel briquets for energy generation
  • SIPS are manufactured using 35 – 40% less timber than traditional framing methods
  • Exceptional energy efficiency – substantially reducing the lifetime energy costs of the building.
  • Excellent insulation values – greater U values, reduced ‘cold bridging’ and airtightness
  • Precision engineering off-site means far reduced waste on-site - the factory manufactured panels arrive on-site precisely engineered to the required specification, the margin for on-site error can be all but eliminated.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions through reduced transport - Fewer large, heavy materials coming to site helps to reduce the impact on the environment. Everything required to erect a kit can come from one source, reducing its environmental impact and the cost of multiple shipments and, since only what is required is delivered, associated site waste can be all but eliminated.

"The whole experience has been an extremely positive one. I would wholeheartedly recommend Bentleys to others seeking the highest standards of construction, applied within a very professional process"

Alison Langrish, Head Teacher Otterbourne CE Primary School – Eco Building