All aspects of the design and manufacture of the structure are managed by Bentley SIP Systems management team along with our structural engineers and designers who specialise in all types of timber design. Upon receipt of the order, our design team will be instructed to proceed.

  • Structural mark-up – this is a preliminary annotation of the architect’s drawings to include:
    • Beam sizes
    • Loadings (to enable foundation design)
  • Optimal layout/design detailing
    • Feedback and discussion between the client’s designers and Bentleys
    • Adjustments made to design to accommodate openings, services etc
    • Suggested adjustments to layouts to reduce additional beams and therefore cost
    • Agreement with all parties to freeze the design
  • Preliminary 3D design drawings – our engineers create an electronic model which is used as a tool for
    • Finite element analysis – the structure is analysed as a whole; strengthening only where necessary and keeping additional beams etc to a minimum giving you the most elegant and economical structure.
    • Timber and glulam beams used in the building envelope with steel only used internally to avoid any cold bridging issues
    • Final coordination with the architect, engineer, M&E – all aspects can be compared or inserted into the 3D model to check it works
    • Client team provides approval to go to manufacture
  • Fabrication drawings – at this point all aspects of the design have been approved and our engineers create the fabrication drawings which are sent to the Kingspan factory.
  • A layout is produced for every wall and given to our installation team to ensure correct installation.

"I just wanted to say how impressed Tim and I have been with the work Bentleys have carried out. From the planning phase until the end of the construction phase. We felt informed at every stage."

Mr & Mrs Mitchell - Thame