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Kingspan SIPS Construction Specialists

Kingspan SIPS Construction Specialist

Bentley SIP Systems are proud to be Kingspan TEK™ Delivery Partners; a Kingspan SIPS construction specialist providing expertise from design to installation. SIP structures are energy efficient, stronger and 60% faster to build.

Our Service

"The clients have been extremely impressed with way the team have managed the project on site, particularly bearing in mind the access to the site - apparently the neighbours have been very complimentary also - which doesn’t often happen! So thank you for everyone’s efforts."

Chris Tonkin - The Old Dairy, Andover
Why use a SIP System?

What sets SIPS apart

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60% faster build process

Kingspan TEK™ Building System technology can greatly speed up construction time. A typical, two-storey house kit can be erected in a matter of days creating a dry, safe interior where fit-out and finishes can proceed.

Design flexibility

We use 3D modelling to create the most elegant solution – optimising available space and minimising additional beams and cost. Also with panels precision cut to CAD designs; the pieces arrive in ‘kit form’ so even the most complicated shapes fit together perfectly on site.

Sustainable - Energy and waste saving

With a well-insulated home, energy bills are reduced; especially when using smart services solutions. Building with the Kingspan TEK™ Building System also minimises waste; less rubbish is created, less transport and uses 35-40% less timber than traditional framing methods.

Outstanding thermal performance

With excellent U-values ‘out of the box’ and an interlocking construction detail, the Kingspan TEK™ Building System provides great insulation and superior air-tightness. This takes performance pressure off other elements of the build to help achieve or exceed building regulations, SAP targets and other certifications such as Passivhaus.

Strength and structure

The Kingspan TEK™ Building System is as strong as blockwork and provides greater quality and integrity of structure and insulation than site-built timber frame.  It comes with a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty, is BBA certified, LABC Registered (building control) and has even been approved for earthquake zones.

How SIPS works

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