About SIPs


The Kingspan TEK System is one of the leading BBA approved, construction products on the market today. The Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) system forms a high performance building structural shell/envelope.

The TEK panel is 142mm or 172mm thick and comprises of high performance rigid polyurethane insulation, sandwiched between two sheets of Oriented Strand Board (OSB3). The panels are very strong and their unique joining system minimises thermal bridging and air leakage.

SIPs are manufactured in the factory to an exact design. The result is a building system that is extremely strong, energy efficient and cost effective.

The Kingspan TEK System offers a quicker build programme time and a reduction in site waste.


Structural insulated panels are one of the most airtight and highly insulated building systems available – providing low carbon, environmentally sustainable buildings that guarantee exceptional energy efficiency.

Building with SIPs offer predictable costs – generally costing the same as building with timber frame construction – when you factor in the labour savings resulting from shorter construction time, together with the reduction in material deliveries and construction waste.

Sustainable Construction

  • Excellent environmental impact and responsible sourcing credentials. SIPS are environmentally friendly, offering BRE Material Green Guide A+
  • The Polyurethane inner core to panels does not deteriorate or breakdown and has excellent insulation values with continuous insulation and few thermal bridges. SIPS insulation stay firmly in place, meaning it will not sag or physically deteriorate over time
  • Timber elements all from managed forests
  • The OSB board and polyurethane core can be recycled
  • SIPS are manufactured using 35 – 40% less timber than traditional framing methods
  • Exceptional energy efficiency – substantially reducing the life time energy costs of the building.
  • Excellent insulation values – greater U values, reduced ‘cold bridging’ and air tightness

Faster, more efficient completion of projects

  • Faster, more efficient completion of projects means that installation time can be significantly reduced, which also offers a saving on labour.
  • With a fixed start date, the panels are delivered to site pre-cut and engineered ready for installation—reducing waste and site storage space.
  • The predictable build programme helps to determine definite completion dates and a reduction in the time spent on corrective works.
  • Less risk of delays through bad weather – buildings are quickly made weatherproof for other trades to commence their work packages much earlier in the build.