What are SIPS and what are the benefits?

Structural Insulated Panel Systems (SIPS) are revolutionising the build process and changing how we live in our home, forever. Built largely off-site, SIPS are a ‘pre-fabricated’ build option that is fast and can be used for any style of building. As we all consider how our lives and choices impact the world around us, SIPS are an environmentally sound choice that delivers long-term economic savings for the homeowner. The Kingspan TEK™ Building System comes in 142mm and 172mm thick panels and can be used either as the main structure of the building or as a cladding panel to a steel, timber or reinforced concrete structure.

Watch our video below to see how SIPS works.



Superior quality

Bentley SIPS only use the Kingspan TEK™ Building System because the insulation is blown into the panel, forming a complete bond with the OSB/3 board during the manufacturing process. This results in a strong, loadbearing panel that is as strong as blockwork.

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Speed of build

Kingspan TEK™ Building System technology can greatly speed up construction time. A typical, two-storey, Kingspan TEK™ Building System house kit can be erected in a matter of days. Once erected, doors and windows can be installed, creating an airtight, waterproof environment.

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Superior thermal performance

The Kingspan TEK™ Building System is a great starting point to improve the thermal performance of your project; whether you’re targeting basic building regulations or aiming for more of an ‘Eco’ building such as Passivhaus or Nett Zero Carbon Emissions.

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Extensive warranties

One of the many reasons that Bentley SIP Systems only use the Kingspan TEK™ Building System is that we know the product has been extensively, independently tested by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) for compliance with building regulations, fire safety, strength, thermal and acoustic performance.

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A flexible solution

SIPS are a great option when constructing unusual shaped buildings or complex roofs. Because we create a 3D computer model and use finite element analysis to check the strength of the whole structure, we are able to find the most elegant solution – optimising available space and minimising additional beams.

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Environmentally conscious

Using a Kingspan TEK™ structure can improve the eco-credentials of your project. As well a superior thermal performance during use, the process of manufacture and building has less impact and is more sustainable than many traditional methods.

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Safer construction

A SIPS structure is often a great solution to overcome safety concerns during construction. A site may have access issues, limited material lifting capabilities or pinch-points in the programme when a lot of trades are on site at the same time.

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Kingspan TEK™ Building System

The Kingspan TEK™ Building System has been hailed as a major development in off-site construction technology. It is a next-generation, Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) based construction method, ideal for all building types.

The SIPS that lie at the heart of the System comprise two 15 mm OSB/3 (Oriented Strand Board type 3) facings with a 112 mm or 142 mm insulation core.

Panels are cut to shape off-site, including openings, and delivered to site to be erected in ‘kit form’ by our trained installation gangs – slotting together to form a solid, insulated structure.

SIPS can be clad and fitted out to your design and therefore don’t look any different to traditional construction once finished.  The main differences are the speed and superior thermal performance.

Living in a Kingspan TEK™ Building

  • Less long-term maintenance
  • Lower heating bills – SIPS offer superior insulation and air-tightness, minimising the need for heating
  • A durable building with no shrinkage or settlement; integrity of insulation is maintained for better long-term thermal performance
  • Greater points achieved on SAP calculations for walls, relieving any pressure on other building elements
  • 20 year Kingspan Warranty and BBA backed quality approval for the structural SIPS

Additional Kingspan Technical Support

For additional technical support and literature please visit the Kingspan website, where you can download a wide range of helpful product information.

Please also see the Structural Timber Association (STA) website for further guidance on standards and safety, in particular the ‘16 steps to fire safety’ guidance on fire safety during construction.