Safer construction

A SIPS structure is often a great solution to overcome safety concerns during construction. A site may have access issues, limited material lifting capabilities or pinch-points in the programme when a lot of trades are on site at the same time. A SIPS structure offers the following solutions:-

  • Excellent strength to weight ratio – on-site storage, distribution and handling is easier than traditional materials
  • Option to manufacture in smaller sections for distribution by hand to normally inaccessible areas – we have created bespoke solutions for distribution over foot bridges, by boat and through terraced houses
    • Installation of floors at each storey creates a working platform for the next level, reducing scaffold and crash deck hire costs
    • A SIPS roof structure creates a solid working platform for roof coverings – this eliminates labour to install roof insulation and boarding and enables works to continue safely on lower floors

"We are really pleased with the shell and would like you to pass on our thanks to the team that erected it. A super set of friendly guys who worked really well."

Mr & Mrs Payne - Arundel